B.A.a CONSULTORS is a technical assistance consultancy, based in Barcelona, specialized in services of formulation, execution, follow-up, evaluation and administration of programmes and projects for bilateral and multilateral organizations in the international development cooperation sector.

It was founded in 2001 by BAa Lawyers (, with the commitment to Human Rights protection and promotion.

We have implemented more than 100 projects in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Pacific, working regularly with the European Commission through EuropeAid, both in framework contract and technical assistance projects.

BAa has a multidisciplinary team with a background in legal, political and social sciences, delivering its services in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan and has a wide network of consultants in their areas of specialization.

BAa has a registered office in Central America based in San Jose, Costa Rica. This delegation coordinates all the projects in Latin America and the Caribbean that allows an effective backstopping ensuring a close and timely follow-up in the different project cycle phases.