Services in all project cycle phases

Multilateral Technical Assistance

We are specialists in management of Technical Assistance programmes and projects by international organizations, covering all the phases of the project cycle, from formulation to implementation and evaluation.
Among the main sectors of specialization:

Democratization and Governance
Institutional strengthening and State reform including Public Administration, Justice Administration, reinforcement of Civil Society and Rule of Law, promotion and protection of Human Rights, electoral processes, conflict resolution, peace building, security and the fight against organized crime.
Gender perspective inclusion to organizations and projects, intersectionality, mainstreaming and gender equity. Analysis of organizations, diagnosis, design, execution and evaluation of Equality Plans in entities and Public Administrations. Fight against gender inequality and male violence.
Social Development, Education and Jobs

Social inclusion and protection of vulnerable groups, local development, formal and non-formal education, vocational training and capacity building, labour market, socio-labour reintegration and migration policies.

Regional and Economic Development

Development and reform of private sector policies, trade promotion, regional economic integration, support to small medium enterprises (SME).

Infrastructures and Urban Development

New information and communication technologies, digital technologies and services, Earth Observation, Urban mobility, infrastructures and services, climate-resilient and sustainable urban environments, Smart cities.

Communication and visibility

Design and implementation of strategies of communication and awareness for development projects, elaboration and implementation of communication and visibility campaigns to disseminate EU external action; organisation of events, publicity in written press, radio and TV.

Consultancy Services

We provide the following services for public organisms, foundations and private entities:
Project tendering
Consulting and support services in public tendering process according to the applicable procedures by the main multilateral financing organizations including European Union (EU), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), World Bank (WB) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) among others; services are focused on: identification of calls, consortium building, preparation of technical and administrative documentation for Expressions of Interest, preparation of technical and financial offers according to the terms of reference and the requirements of the call, including methodology drafting, experts identification and budget planning.
Grant Call for Proposals
Management of call for proposals of European funds for Public Administration, associations and foundations, with specific knowledge of EU funded programmes such as Horizon 2020, including SME, LIFE, Urban Innovative Actions, Interreg and URBACT. Identification of grant calls, analysis of tender requirements and applicable procedures, partner search to build up consortiums, support in drafting project proposals and preparation of corresponding supporting documents.
Management of European Funds
Administrative and accounting support of awarded projects: analysis of the tender dossier, terms of reference and applicable regulation, design and elaboration of managing tools and documents such as implementation guides, time sheets, chronograms, control fiches, working and monitoring plans for the follow up of projects’ activities, drafting and contract proceedings as well as elaboration of progress and expenditure verification reports.
Equality Plans
Analysis of organizations, diagnosis, design, execution and evaluation of equality plans in entities and Public Administrations. Protocols against sexual harassment and on the basis of gender.