Consultancy specialized in European projects

International Projects

More than 15 years of experience in bidding and implementing development projects financed by international organizations.

Consortium leader in projects financed by Cooperation Service EuropeAid of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO), responsible of the delivery of the European Union’s external aid:

  • Implementation of the digital TV in Colombia
    EuropeAid/136352/DH/ SER/CO
  • Citizens’ rights and crimes of violence against women, Communication strategy
    EuropeAid/ 135330/IH/SER/GT
  • Human Rights Programme between the European Commission and Mexico
Consortium leader of the framework contract for the provision of external expertise to the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
  • Lot 3 – European Parliament Multiple Framework Service Contract
    Studies on Women’s rights and gender equality in third countries

Framework Contracts – EuropeAid

Since 2005, Consortium Member in 7 EuropeAid’s Framework Contracts, mechanism for contracting short term technical assistance services for the European Commission’s External Aid:
  • FWC SIEA 2018,
    Multi, Framework Contract
    ‘Services for the Implementation of External Aid 2018’
  • FWC Commission 2015,
  • FWC Beneficiaries 2013,
  • FWC Commission 2011,
  • FWC Beneficiaries 2009,
  • FWC Commission 2007,
  • FWC Beneficiaries 2005,

Management of European projects

Especialization in support and advisory services for the management of projects financed by European funds
BAa is specialized in advisory services to public and private entities for tendering and managing projects and grants under European funds, currently working with the Barcelona City Council in the areas of Urban Ecology, Prevention and Security and Immigrant Care and Support Services. Among others, this support is set in tendering to European Union calls (Horizon 2020, LIFE, URBACT, Interreg, Urban Innovative Action), as well as in the administrative and financial management for the implementation of awarded projects.